Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

We use both standard natural coloured MDF and moisture resistant green coloured MDF, all 18mm thick.

We find most of our customers paint their MDF plaques and aren't worried about the colour of the material, so please add a note with your order if you have a definite preference for green or natural.

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We currently use 18mm thick birch plywood for our blank plaques, popular for it's layered appearance aloong cut edges.

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Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

18mm thick OSB is a great choice for an industrial look. Even when painted the material will proudly maintain its distinctive appearance.

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European oak

Our oak blanks are cut from boards planed to approx. 25mm thick and sanded to a miniumum of 180 grit.

If you have requested a wax oiled finish, your plaque will first be sanded to a beaut 320 grit.

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